StyleYou are your brand. You’re a walking, talking advertisement for yourself and what’s on the outside does make an impression. Whether you are working on branding yourself as a public relations pro, business owner,  stylist, whatever, if you want people to believe it, then the outside has to match the inside.


Good news! You totally have the ability to change people’s perception based on what you wear and how you present yourself. After all, your’re  just trying to make a good, on-brand impression and create a life you want, right? So give yourself a style assessment and see if your exterior matches what you’re selling.


Try out a signature style.

Signatures don’t work for everyone so don’t feel limited. Celebrities often have a signature style, only to switch it for the next movie role or album release. A signature is memorable and can be almost anything — a red lip, regularly wearing unique hats or scarves, whatever. If it’s your signature, then you wear that style a lot, like a real lot.

DO think it through and what it will say about you. “Crazy socks may read as ‘fun and creative’ — a great asset at an advertising agency, but maybe not at an investment bank,”

For me, my signature style is tee shirts. I love to dress them up or down. With a great skirt or some dress slacks.


Remember, be the best at what you do, and it will shine through!