Being memorable is essential for every entrepreneur — after all, people won’t fund you or buy from you if they don’t even remember you exist. Just think of it like speed dating. You want to be memorable for the “second date”


1.Pique their interest. Many of us kill conversations in the first 10 seconds. When someone asks the inevitable, “What do you do?,” you need a better answer than just a boring recitation: “I own a business” or “I’m a technology entrepreneur.” Find a way to pique their curiosity and make them want to know more. It’s a lot more interesting and memorable to say “I help companies become more famous”


2. Develop a signature style. Sometimes your wardrobe can help you stand out. (Don’t force it if it doesn’t feel natural to you.) But Madeleine Albright’s brooches, Tucker Carlson’s bowties and Steve Jobs’ black turtlenecks all helped them distinguish themselves. If you have a certain accessory or style you relish, you may consider making it a conscious part of your brand. It’s a lot easier to remember “Jeff, the guy who always wears colorful socks,” compared to “Jeff, that guy who dresses like everyone else.


Remember, your dating your business and you want your future boyfriend ( i.e customers and investors) to be interested in YOU and your business.