There’s no secret formula for getting someone to commit — I tried it and failed. However making adjustments and taking note of what went wrong will definitely put you closer to a great relationship!

I’m not talking about a man, but a great customer relationship. I have heard and seen horrible customer service in which the customer did not come back and told other people how horrible their experience was! ( yikes)


Helpful tips:

  • Communication is key! You must understand your customer wants and need so that you can provide them with a product or service that will help them. How do you find out? you ask!
  • They may be attracted to what you sell, so ask what made them want to spend their time and money with you


  • Track EVERYTHING! POS ( point of sale-system) is a great way to track what your customer likes to buy. Square and Paypal have ways to track your customers spending habits. Take some time out to review all the data.


  •  Don’t Give Up Remember your not going to hit the ball out of the park every single time! Make note of what works and what does work with your customers.