Customers Are Never Permanent!!

So we’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s cheaper to keep her,” often uttered by many well-known sportsmen or other high-profile celebrity men.  It’s a phrase becoming all too popular in our everyday culture of watching “so and so wives,” reading about pre-nups or tackling our very own legal challenges of various kinds.

The bottom line to this phrase is that relationships are fragile, unpredictable and quite frequently, temporary.

Now, if we look at the positive side of “it’s cheaper to keep her” and apply it to giving great customer service, we’ll see, as entrepreneurs, how we can use the phrase to move us towards connecting with our customers on a real and dare I say it, “permanent,” or persistent basis.

Customers are just like boyfriends.  You must put in the effort to “keep” him.

When a customer decides to invest in your product or service, they are essentially forming a partnership with you, believing in who you are and honestly, people do business with other people with whom they like.

When a customer decides to forge a partnership, e.g., purchase from you, they have an expectation that you will provide them with consistency and a valuable offering for as long as they are in need of what you are providing.

For most of us, that’s why we are looking for relationships or choose to enter into one: we’d like to create consistency with a partner and provide a mutual need for one another.

Your business is your story.

Your business helps to fill a need and behind that need is a very important story that should resonate with others looking to benefit from that “story,” which becomes the driving force for your business and the needs it can fulfill for others.

When you form a new relationship, you have to be able to prove that you’re on a mission for the long haul, that you’re all about stability and growing with the needs of your man, or whoops, your customer.  See how interchangeable these two are?

Getting back to our phrase, “it’s cheaper to keep her,” we can look at it as encouragement in that as a business owner, you’ve got to be proactive.

From jump, put in the effort to keep your customers happy.  Always be accountable for your actions and strive to anticipate what your customers’ need.  Be sincere when you mess up and reassure your customer that it won’t happen again, and make sure it doesn’t.

Essentially, treat your customer as you would the love of your life.