Burnt Out Yes, that is me all the TIME! Working on my business 24 hours. I sqeeze in a bathroom or food break here and there. If you are doing this STOP!!!

I’m currently going through the “burnt out” stage of my relationship. I’m around the business too much and need some “space” to relax and be me Ebony.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still want to be in a relationship, I just need some time to get re-focused on me and my goals for the business. Here are some things that I did to get me out of  my rut.


Make the time to do nothing! We all need to take time to relax, refresh and replenish. Don’t keep pushing yourself. Keep regular business hours and take breaks during your work day. Make sure to schedule in time off and vacations “me days” on a regular basis. You’ll come back with a fresh outlook and perspective.


Establish realistic expectations for what you can and cannot accomplish. If you find that you’re driving yourself or too hard it may be time to let go of unrealistic expectations and readjust. Shorten your to-do list, give yourself some slack when needed and know when to let up on yourself and others.


Deal with your emotions. Keeping your feelings inside usually leads to trouble. If you are feeling any kind of negative emotion, don’t deny it. Instead, learn how to acknowledge your feelings, be up front with them; and deal with the underlying causes.