Business Lessons From My Ex: Honesty/Trust.

They say honesty is the best policy, but for some reason I was scared of my ex. I was “kinda” honest. I would say some things but I would never say everything. I would end up holding things in and struggled with all my issues on my own. I thought that saying everything would be “nagging” which would push him away.

The truth of the matter is, I wish I would have said EVERYTHING. It would have given him the opportunity to make a change in a non-threatening way.

Truthfulness grounds you in yourself. It helps to defend you against the outside forces of:
• Emotional storms
• Attacks from others
• Peer/ cultural persuasion to do what’s not good for you
• Reliance on self-approval, not approval from others.

Honesty promotes honesty in others. It empowers them and gives them permission to be honest themselves. When people share honestly with each other about their feelings and their needs, everyone is more likely to have their needs met.

The primary threat to a business today is the perception by customers that all you offer is a replaceable, interchangeable commodity. This hazard stalks your every move: No matter how solid your business’s advantages may appear right now, whether they are advantages of technology, geography, or branding, eventually your business model is going to be knocked off. And, in this era of accelerating change, it will likely happen sooner than you think.

To retain, maintain, and promote your customer-base, “love” your customers as you love your family members. “Word of mouth” of your customers is the most trusted and powerful promotional medium for promoting your business. If you are successful to earn the confidence, trust, and happiness of your customers, you will earn everything you desire; profits, business expansions, a leading place in your industry, reputation, goodwill, and whatever you desire.

As you begin building customer loyalty, you’ll find that your pride in your profession, your integrity, and your ability to build positive relationships (at work, and even in your own home) will also bloom. This happens naturally, because the process of earning loyalty involves caring about your customers, respecting them, and thinking constantly about their needs.