If one thing is true in the world of business, especially when it comes to being an entrepreneur, that truth is change.  It’s really the only thing that we can trust because change is constant and everything else is just temporary.

Okay, so you didn’t make any money.  And, because of that, you felt compelled to change your business model.  While this move might have felt uncomfortable, unexpected and unfamiliar, it really is okay.  Maybe re-frame the way that you look at this new shift.  See it as the natural ebb and flow that occurs in life in general, and in this specific case, in business.

Change is a flow and it’s a good thing and it helps to improve and strengthen your business in the long run.  With change comes new ideas, new opportunities and new prospects.  And, change is a refining process that helps you to take inventory of all aspects of your business—what you already have and what you need.  This refining process is one that also lets you weed out the wheat from the chaff.  What should you get rid of?  What should you keep?  What is and is not working for you, your business and your clients?  When you’re able to take stock of your needs, you’re then able to see exactly which direction the seas of change are trying to lead you in.

When transitions start to occur in your life, this is not the time to be rattled, but to take strong ownership over your emotions and your business goals.  These ownership lessons can come in the form of friendships, failure and loss.  But remember, nothing good is ever lost, but rather it just transitions into something else.  And that something else is the manifestation of the change that presents itself.  It is up to you how you react to the change and how you’ll process how to incorporate this newness into your life.

It’s essential that you recognize that “bad” things that happen are opportunities for “good” things to show up and unfold.