Running a business is a lot like dating.  In both, sometimes we tend to want to move things a lot further ahead than is possible.  Unfortunately when we move too fast, there can be a crash-and-burn effect that occurs leaving us to wonder, ‘what happened?’ and then trying to pick up the pieces.

Dating is a way to cultivate a relationship and running a business is also cultivating a relationship, oftentimes many relationships, those between you and the business itself and you and your customers or clients.

Running and dating are both actions that imply there is a process leading towards some end result.  Whether you’re literally running, running your business or dating, you must be patient in order to move the action forward until you reach your desired goal.  While moving towards this goal is the plan, there is almost always a bump, another bump, a roadblock, a misunderstanding, or a missed opportunity that throws a wrench into our plans.  It’s inevitable.  Not everything happens as planned.

When a challenge presents itself that changes our expected direction, you have to see a new way to work around the challenge, work with the challenge or totally overcome the challenge.  Growing your business successfully is really all about learning as you go.  Learn from your challenges and definitely learn from your mistakes so you know how to anticipate better during a moment-to-moment situation or for the future, whether that future is in 5 minutes or beyond.

Once you’re able to learn from these challenges, you then will start improving and progressing further.  You and your business will have built a wealth of experience and knowledge allowing any challenge to become a seamless process that moves you towards your end goal faster and swifter.

Look, you’re not always going to have the answers.  But, knowing that and working to learn those answers, taking “baby steps” towards your goal, such as seeking out seasoned professionals that have a strong skill set in areas you’re trying to familiarize yourself in and networking with them, hence building relationships, will help you cultivate the success you desire.