Obviously, we all make mistakes.  That’s without question, however, one of the biggest mistakes we can make, is not going with our gut, and not heeding the signs that something is amiss.


Now, we’re not all psychics, (RIP Miss Cleo), and we truly do not necessarily need to consciously be in touch with that intuitive ability as long as we are aware of signs that have shown up in our lives showing us that we need to pay more attention to imbalances in our relationships and businesses.


As a business owner, you know when your business isn’t doing as well as you have bargained for.  We’ve all been there, and oftentimes, instead of making the needed changes, we’d rather make excuses.  For many of us, we keep trudging on, hoping that something will change, but being unwilling to make that change ourselves.  How is that effective?  You’ve heard the popular adage, “be the change you want to see in the world,” well, practice that on a small scale: be the change you want to see in your business, or in your relationship, or both.


You know where you want to go and sometimes the most frustrating thing, we get overwhelmed with the big picture without focusing on the details.  In order to start creating change and more movement towards that big picture goal, begin writing, visualizing or really thinking hard on those small steps.  Know the small steps and conquer those small steps that will walk you towards your larger goal.  When you concentrate on taking the baby steps, before you know it, you’re already at your goal.  Now, sometimes those small steps might require you to take two steps back in order to make five steps forward.  And, that’s okay!  Don’t see those reverse steps as going backwards, but rather as diverting missteps or going around a roadblock in order to get your step back into the right gear.


When you start recognizing signs or begin to see a pattern of signs that are taking you off of your path, humble yourself in order to see your true weaknesses and create an action plan that gives you a strategy for stepping out of weakness into a sure, strong stride.