It may not be a big surprise to hear that your business impacts your self-esteem.

Your definition of the right business is a moving target and changes as you go through life, based on your changing values and priorities.

Values and Priorities Change – So Should You

Is your business aligned with your values? It may have at one point, but your values can and often do change. In fact, sometimes values change without your realizing the shift. This may be one reason you’re feeling dissatisfied with your work.


Avoid Putting All Your Effort in One Basket

One day, you may wake up and find you have fallen out of love with your professional life. Changing businesses isn’t the only solution. One way to create a personally and professionally fulfilling life is to volunteer or join activities in line with your personal values. For example, if you have a soft spot for animals, invest free time helping out at an animal shelter. You could help raise money, promote an upcoming event or even walk orphaned dogs. The key is to diversify how you invest your time in case one day you find your business no longer suits your values. By getting involved in outside activities, you will surround yourself with other, like-minded professionals involved in something that does provide you with a feeling of self-worth. This also provides you with contacts for new opportunities that align with your current values.


Defining Your Own Self-Worth

If you haven’t evaluated what is most important to you at this stage of your life, now would be a great time to assess your values. Your values provide guidelines for your daily choices and actions. Think about what you’re most proud of today, inside and outside of work. You were most likely successful because your work and values supported each other. For example, if your accomplishment was a report your produced, this may indicate you value providing excellent quality, conducting research or collaborating as part of a team. Dig further and consider which experiences have shaped you into who you are today and determine the compromises you’re not willing to make. Remember, your answers should apply to your personal and professional life.