Crying Won’t Get You Any Where


You like going to parties, right?  Especially pity parties?  Well, having a pity party won’t change an outcome you perceive as negative.  Sometimes you have to embrace the outcome for what it is, using it as leverage.

So, you didn’t reach your goal.  It’s time to accept that reality and modify your approach for how you can best attain that goal for your next deadline.


Working a business is about balance and adjusting to market needs, trends and outcomes you might not have necessarily anticipated.  You have to roll with the punches, go with the flow and stay flexible.  Everything we deal with in life is about fine tuning and making the appropriate adjustments.  Business, as a microcosm of life, keeps us entrepreneurs in constant fine-tuning mode.


Making modifications so that you can also make adjustments in attaining your deadlines need not feel detrimental or stressful, but instead can feel empowering once you’re able to develop the best strategy.


With modifications, it’s time to reflect, review and make actionable goals.  And, if need be, these actions can be broken down into miniscule steps that allow you to accomplish the bigger goal at hand.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the larger header action, but instead, focus on accomplishing smaller goals that will ultimately lead you towards achieving the larger goal.


There are an infinite number of books out there about business, business planning, and specifically creating and achieving business goals.  While they indeed have insightful and useful information, the true value of running a business is the practical aspect of learning from experience; there is no better business teacher than experience.


Most of us fear failure, but there is no true failing in business experience.  You have to “fail” in order to make corrections, and those corrections are adjustments towards the necessary balance any business needs; a balancing or a surveying of the landscape in order for you to accurately access what is needed or not needed for your business.


So, if there be any tears, let those tears be ones of rejoicing in your ability to roll with the punches, go with the flow and be the life of the party, your pity party that spurs you into action—deliverable action.