The Gift that Keeps on Giving-Experience.


I googled that catch phrase and this is what it means:

“The gift that keeps on giving is like a investment. Like a bank account with interest, all you have to do is put in money, the bank account will keep on building and growing”


Here’s a secret though: all relationships are functionally like a first relationship. Every relationship is a matter of getting to know the other person, making your lifestyles and expectations mesh, learning how to tolerate each other’s little quirks etc. The only difference is that people who’ve had other relationships have the experience to guide them through the rough patches.

So as I reflect back with my relationship with my ex, it was full of avoidable mistakes and disasters that one might charitably call “learning experiences” because I had no fucking clue what I was doing .I put in a LOT of investments , but didn’t let my “money” work for me. I keep looking at the short term deposits, insteading of letting it grow and mature.


Customer relationship can be tricky because you’re basically in the dark. But that’s why I’m here: to help you navigate through the complex, twisted and often scary world of customer relationships so that hopefully you can avoid the most common mistakes. That way you can make new and different mistakes.

But all joking aside: here are 3 things I wish I’d known before my relationship…


1) Don’t Lose Your Head

One of the first and hardest lessons for people to learn in new relationships is to keep your head.

The problem is that literally everything in your body and brain is rebelling against the idea of calm reflection. You’re lost in the intoxicating rush of the new relationship energy. Your brain is flooded with oxytocin, dopamine and norepinephrine firing off every neuron in the pleasure centers of your brain and convincing you that the way your customer is receiving your merchandise is  goddamn amazing. Everything is floating hearts, cartoon birds and winged babies floating all around you and making you feel that the universe itself is smiling directly on you.

Of course, we tend to associate that First Relationship Rush with being young – our high-school or college years. But even grown-ass adults can and do get caught up in the emotional roller-coaster ride that is a new relationship.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying the rush is bad. Enjoy the rush. That’s part of the joy of your first relationship. Just don’t let that early infatuation push you into going too far, too fast with your business nd your customers. Take things slow. Savor it. Those early glory days fade faster than you realize.


2) You’re Going To Fight. Don’t Freak Out About It.

One thing that almost always freaks out relationship newbies: the first fight. ( The customer is dissatified ). Up until this point, everything has been smooth sailing where the harshest disagreement is “why aren’t you open on Sunday”. And then one of you says something wrong and suddenly everything is falling apart!?!

Fights happen. They’re a part of relationships. Putting two people together for long enough means that conflict is inevitable.

The frequency with which you fight also isn’t automatically an indication of a problem at the core of your relationship, the question is whether you fight the right way. If you’re going to fight, you want to aim to resolve the source of conflict, not aim to wound the other person. Don’t let the anger blind you to the care and affection and trust you have for your customer… no matter how much you may want to rip their goddamn head off right now.


3) Your First Relationship Probably Isn’t Going To Last

So I hate to be a downer but… the odds that your first  customer relationship is also going to be your last one are pretty long. To be sure, nobody likes to think about their relationship being temporary after all, and going into a relationship assuming that you’re going to break up eventually is the opposite of romance. But at the same time, pretending that this isn’t a possibility doesn’t do you any good either.

We very rarely stay with the first customer. Yes, exceptions do exist, but they are incredibly rare. This is why we call them “exceptions”.

It’s important to realize though that this isn’t something inherent to first relationships; it’s a factor in all relationships. Every relationship you will ever have will end… until one doesn’t. And you can never be sure which one that will be.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that you should enter every relationship with the idea that it’s doomed to failure. Quite the opposite; you should enter your relationship with the idea that you’re going to savor and appreciate every moment.

I know, I know. Stick with me, this will all make sense in a moment.

You see, people have a tendency to misunderstand relationships and break-ups. We tend to enter into each relationship with the assumption that this is the last one we will ever have… and that’s a mistake.

We all grow and change as people and we don’t necessarily have complete control over how we grow. Sometimes we grow apart from people or outgrow our  customer relationships. That doesn’t mean that the relationship itself was a failure – it just means that it’s naturally run its course and now it’s time to move to the next stage of our business. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to appreciate every moment – just because a relationship ended doesn’t mean that it wasn’t important or enjoyable or that you didn’t learn from it or that your customer wasn’t someone special.


So yes, your first relationship may well not be your last… but that’s not something to be feared. Appreciate it for what it is and enjoy every moment.


Thanks for reading!!