KingWhile I was dating my ex, he use to COMPLAIN all the time that I’m not treating him like a king. I never did anything to make him feel special and that good looks and you know what, wasn’t enough. Those valuable lessons have helped me when appropriating my business and my customers. Please enjoy my lessons/tips for making your business rock!

Initiate Sex Often

Okay don’t have sex with your customer! LOL BUT do initiate the conversation and connections. Customers buy from people they know, like and trust.  Initiating the conversation and sharing things about yourself and the business will create lasting loyal customers and friends.


Create a Peaceful Haven

Men like walking into a clean house – it has a calming effect and allows them to unwind at the end of the day. Your business should be the same, you should walk into your store or office with calming organized effects.

My attitude is way better because clutter makes me crazy!.


Be a Beacon of Light

Many times I have noticed that my attitude sets the tone for the entire day. And guess how well that goes when I’m in a bad mood. Keeping your attitude in check and making the effort to smile and not complain makes you much more pleasant to be around. Your customers and your pockets will thank you!