BoyfriendIf you don’t know my story, my ex dumped me on my birthday 2013. It changed my LIFE!. I was confused, hurt, mad, lost and frustrated. But what I didn’t know or understand was that it was suppose to happen.

My understanding of the universe tells me that “nothing is by chance” and that everything is happening to me because of my actions “cause and effect”.

I know your wondering what does this have to do with business, right?

I know the changes I make ultimately come from within me, but if it wasn’t for him, I’d still be partially fulfilled, settling for ok, out of touch with my passion, and running the same self defeating emotional patterns that I’d already been running for so many years.

My ex is the most amazing, present, and intelligent man I’ve ever been in relationship with. By leagues and by miles.


Relationships occur because we see something in somebody else that we already have inside, but that we’ve lost access to. We see that this person can show us how to get back in touch with the parts that are who we truly are.

I realized that I needed to focus on the parts that I lost with my business ( creativity, serve and financial intelligence). So I’m grateful for being dumped and challenging myself to understand my business better.

Focusing on gratitude with my business,I really noticed on a daily basis which clients I was grateful for helped me and becoming very clear about the mission of my business. I was only going to do work I loved, and I was only going to work with clients that I loved; ones that I felt grateful for.


I’m not always successful; I suppose no one is. But what I am is happy. Almost every day when I go to work, I am happy. And I attribute my business’ growth to that happiness, which grew from being dumped.