Getting too comfortable in a relationship is one of the biggest signs of early relationship breakdown. At the time when my ex and I were in a relationship I didn’t realize I was comfortable.

The chase was over, he got me! All of me. I didn’t spark any interest in what he was doing.  I was going with the flow and things were good. So I thought. In his mind, he was bored and irritated that I wasn’t trying to improve myself or our relationship… Sound Familiar??

You can also get too comfortable with your customers!

A lack of effort

It’s human behavior to revert back to being yourself once a relationship has cemented itself and things are going generally well for everyone involved.

During the branding process and initial stages of a customer, we put in a lot of effort to market and behave well in order to keep our customer in awe of how great we think we are.

We’re sure to wear the most flattering clothing and make extra effort to maintain conversations and networks.

Don’t lose the momentum! Consistency is King.

Inject some much needed energy into your relationship by planning something special for your customer. It doesn’t matter what it is, as it’s the thought that counts. But do something that shows you really appreciate them!


The real work starts when you get into a relationship, not before it.

Ideally, relationships shouldn’t have any settling down to do. You either want your relationship to excel or you want it to remain stagnant and die.

If you’ve noticed that your customers are no longer as receptive towards your advances – posts  or otherwise, have a serious, talk with yourself. Are you doing EVERYTHING you possibly can to drive sales? Are you engaging?

As you know, actions speak louder than words.

I have no intentions of getting into a relationship without fervently trying to improve it. Remember that with your customers as well!